About us

The ice sheet of Greenland

This is not “About us”. It is about Greenland´s ice sheet.
This is not about words. It is about images.
This is impact. Affect & Effect.

Greenland ice sheet

From the air to the research.
From freezing to melting.
From Greenland to the global impact.

Past, present & future

As glaciers melt, their existence is threatened. 
The floating images and videos will serve and seek to document and raise awareness about the purity and fragility of the Arctic.

Arctic air climate research

Taking documentation and research to new heights. 
Technology meets history. 
Affect & effect.
Creating awareness. 

CEO, pilot, aerial photographer Hans Henrik Tholstrup

Arctic air photography

Aerial photography is vital to research, document and understand the development and evolvement of the Ice sheet of Greenland. 

Hans Henrik Tholstrup has been photographing the world from the air for more than 40 years with special focus on Greenland and the climate.

He is the photographer and publisher of numerous books, among others the photo book “The Ice Sheet of Greeland– 80 years of  climate change seen from the air” in collaboration with Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Hans Henrik Tholstrup represented Denmark in The Arctic Circle Reykjavik, Iceland with a documentary of the Greeland Ice Sheet shown in a loop.

The trip was sponsored by Rear Admiral Nils Wang, Managing Director of Naval Denmark and Jeppe Handwerk, President & CEO of Copenhagen Group.

Anders Bjørk                                        
Assistant professor, University of Copenhagen

Arctic climate research

Anders Bjørk ‘s research focuses on the changing glaciers of the planet; how the ice changes as climate shifts, and how these changes affect landscapes and global systems.
He aims to expand our knowledge on past glaciers fluctuations, and belive that getting a better handle on past dynamics will give us better predictions on future changes.

“”Eventyret venter den, som forstår at gribe det”
(Adventure awaits the one,
who understands to catch it)

Knud Rasmussen
Greenlandic–Danish polar
explorer & anthropologist

The Inuit religion – worship of nature

According to the Inuit religion, everything has a soul and is spiritually connected.
The universe is at harmony with its elements, and the powers of nature possesses a neutral position towards man.
When evil (bad hunting, bad weather or illnesses) happens, the source is most likely to be found in people’s bad behaviour.
For the Inuit, the nature is sacred, and the Inuit is a child of nature. 
Life is not a paradise; man’s capability of doing evil represents a constant threat to harmony.

Military doctor Anne Bredahl

To complete our team we have the respected and experienced Military doctor Anne Bredahl, whose important
goal will be to analyze the impact of GLOBAL WARMING on the local community, and what it will mean to them- not only practically in their daily lives but also psychologically.
Anne will spend time at different locations in Greenland observing the changing conditions and reporting the findings.
These reports will be available to relevant politicians worldwide to enable them to forward plan support for the impacted communities.
In this situation knowledge is power.
For the benefit of research all data produced as a result of this project will be made freely available online. Also, methods and software developed will all be shared open-source, ultimately resulting an a broarder advancement for the scientific community. For the benefit of scociety, this project will be one piece in the puzzle on our journey to more accurate predictions of the rate of future sea-level rise. Also results will help decision makers in their efforts to shape policies for a more sustainable future.