Danish photographer: I saw global warming right in front of me

Photographer was with a research project in Greenland, where he experienced global warming up close.

provided by News Agency Newspaq 25 August 2013 17:40

Aerial photographer Hans Henrik Tholstrup went to Greenland in July to document the consequences of global warming.

And it was a trip where he got to see the consequences of the warming taking another bite out of the glacier after just two hours’ stay.

– I sit and look out over the glacier. And then it happens.

The Heilheim glacier on which he is sitting begins to crack.

– It creaks. I can see that pieces are starting to fall off the glacier, he says.

Hans Henrik Tholstrup had taken the Norwegian Natural History Museum to Greenland. Here he was to take pictures for a book that will document how global warming is causing the Greenland ice sheet to melt.

The Greenland glaciers are currently the biggest reason why the world’s oceans are rising by about a few centimeters a year.

Warmer weather is causing the ice to melt faster than ever before, causing the ice sheet to retreat.

The project in which Hans Henrik Tholstrup participated was carried out by researchers from the University of Copenhagen.

The project is based on a collection of aerial photographs taken by some of the Danish pioneers of arctic flight in 1932 and 1933.